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Mechanical or pneumatic couplings

We have been developing clamping systems of high quality and precision for over 30 years. Already in the planning and development of expansion shafts, expansion mandrels, expansion chucks and friction shafts we rely on know-how and professional competence.

Many years of experience, technical know-how and adherence to delivery dates distinguish us as a high-performance partner in clamping technology.

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WST Standard Clamping Coupling ADX

pneumatically actuated

  • for winding and unwinding web-shaped materials
  • with expansion tires, adjustable according to winding core width
  • Clamping of winding cores made of cardboard, steel or PVC
  • Base body made of aluminium
  • optionally with or without stop for the winding core
  • Axial, radial or double-sided air supply
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WST Standard Clamping Coupling ADX

With a clamping range of 148-158 mm, the expansion couplings are pushed and clamped in pairs onto an existing expansion shaft, e.g. type SWX, SWY or onto a bare carrier shaft, depending on the winding core width.

Depending on the diameter of the expansion shaft or carrier shaft, the clamping shells can be turned out from 40-75 mm as standard. Special sizes are available on request.

A compressed air gun fills the coupling with 5-7 bar through the radially or axially arranged quick exhaust valve. Several couplings can be connected to each other via a spiral hose, so that the air only has to be supplied on one side.

  • pneumatic clamping coupling for 6″(152,4mm) winding cores
  • Aluminium base body with expansion hose and clamping shells
  • Clamping range 148-155 mm

WST Standard Clamping coupling SK

mechanically operated

  • for winding and unwinding web-shaped materials
  • well suited for high roll weights
  • Self-centering possible with different winding core diameters
  • variable axial positioning possible
  • Mounting on existing carrier shafts
  • different winding core diameters can be clamped with one coupling
  • Base body made of steel
  • Interchangeable clamping sleeves optionally made of plastic, aluminium or steel
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WST Standard Clamping coupling SK

The clamping couplings SK are generally mounted and fastened on existing carrier shafts, whereby they can be positioned axially freely. The clamping of the interchangeable clamping sleeves is carried out with the aid of a hook wrench or a knurled nut. This makes it possible to drive winding cores with large diameter tolerances on a clamping coupling.

If winding cores with different diameters are to be used, interchangeable clamping cores up to a diameter of 400 mm can be supplied.

  • mechanical clamping coupling with interchangeable clamping sleeve and annular leaf spring
  • clamping and unclamping of the clamping shells mechanically operated by knurled nut
  • Clamping range 74 -84 mm
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