Precision with tradition

Winding tensioning systems

The company WST Spannsysteme is located in the industrial area of Dissen. Here the production of clamping elements for the industry takes place. Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Biester focuses on continuity in the support of his customers.

The worldwide distribution of the manufactured products and accessories is centrally controlled in Dissen.

WST clamping systems

Know-how, precision and continuity are the basis of our success.

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The specialist for high-quality clamping technology

reliable products around professional clamping systems

Many manufacturers of clamping systems compromise on quality. WST clamping systems, on the other hand, are well aware of their responsibility for the functionality and service life of the clamping technology. All our products and also the accessories for clamping technology meet the highest demands and guarantee best results and a long service life in industry.

Clamping elements for winding and unwinding

In industrial production, web-shaped materials such as paper, textiles, fleece, metal foils or plastic foils are often wound up before they are further processed. The unwinding of various webs is also part of the production process. Our clamping elements ensure efficient and smooth processing. Our range extends from expansion shafts, winding quills and friction shafts through air expansion chucks and mechanical expansion chucks to expansion adapters and a wide range of accessories. We supply clamping technology of the highest quality, long service life and simple operation, such as pneumatic clamping chucks, clamping mandrels and clamping shafts with the appropriate accessories.

Customized winding clamping systems

From expansion shafts to winding quills to mechanical expansion chucks: Our company offers a wide range of products. However, sometimes the existing range of clamping technology is not sufficient and individual development of clamping elements is required. Our design engineers find a solution for every requirement. The needs and requirements of our customers’ clamping technology always come first. The WST-Spannsysteme team plans, develops and produces exactly the clamping technology that the customer needs. The result is individual and solid clamping elements with high quality, efficiency and a long service life.


Modern production and warehouse

Location Dissen

In a modern equipped production and storage hall at Fledderbach the employees design and manufacture expansion shafts, expansion heads and expansion mandrels according to individual customer requirements.

Hans-Jürgen Biester has been successfully manufacturing clamping elements since 1996.

In Dissen, large premises are now available to WST Spannsysteme for design and final assembly. The production of the individual parts, however, is still partly carried out in lathes on site.


“Data material is our capital”

Numbered and archived!

For its customers, the company draws on the personal experience of the past decades.

Spare parts for all deliveries can be manufactured immediately. Hans-Jürgen Biester also advises his customers personally at home and abroad in order to ensure optimum use, for example with regard to permissible weight and bearing loads.


Clamping chucks – Clamping shafts – Couplings

individually manufactured according to customer specifications

From the small clamping head to the six metre long shaft, each part is matched to the customer’s requirements in terms of material and design. Whether it is carpets, foil or paper that needs to be wound up – extreme precision in the production of the machine parts is always essential.

Each shaft is calculated on the basis of customer data according to maximum load, deflection and torque transmission and matched to the material to be wound or unwound and the size of its cores.



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